Making trimmed surfaces "non-trimmed"

Hi all,
I’m having problems with MatchSurface on trimmed surfaces (the trimmed surface-edges can’t be selected for matching). However, my workflow forced me to trim the surfaces, but due to the curvature complexity, bending and twisting, I have to match the surfaces again.

Q: But, since the trimmed surface edges (no longer) can’t be selected the question follows: Is it possible to keep the trimmed surface shape, but somehow make the surface appear as “not-trimmed”? That is, how can I get rid of the underlaying original surface and only keep the new (trimmed) contour as an “original” surface, which then can be used in the MatchSurface command?

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - Unttrim or UntrimBorder will help - it will restore the underlying surface. It may be that the underlying edge is too far from the trimmed edge you care about to be useful - in that case using ShrinkTrimmedSrf before untrimming may, in some cases, help enough.


Yes, [quote=“pascal, post:2, topic:33639”]using ShrinkTrimmedSrf( ToEdge ) before untrimming[/quote] does what I want.

I had already tried “ShrinkTrimmedSrf ToEdge”, but didn’t try Untrim on top of that.

Many thanks. Now it seems I can actually fix cussed surfaces…

// Rolf