Wish: ViewcaptureToFile a Layout to ignore gray boundry

As the title says it would be nice to be able to viewcapture a layout without the gray border (the background color) so it automatically crops to the width and height of the layout.

(I use print to jpg now instead though)

isn’t it possible to simply print to jpg?

Yeah, that’s why I wrote:


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Oops :blush: didn’t see what you typed in the brackets

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Btw @Holo,

I do not know why you need JPG in particular but I use CutePDF Writer. Had no problems so far, been using it for years. If you still need JPG I think extracting that from a pdf is quite easy. :wink:

Hi Jorgen - I don’t know… the intent of command is to get the entire viewport - I’d bet five bucks that if it cropped to the page, we’d annoy a good proportion of the population…


yeah, but then how big is the viewcapture of layout population really??? :wink:

Anyway, print to image gives a better result so I’m fine!


Rats, I could use five bucks.


just one (@Holo) to my knowledge :wink:

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You’d be surprised…
There are probably children out there holding down spacebar to stay warm in the winter! YOUR UPDATE MURDERS CHILDREN.


I’m fully with you, my point was only that I doubt that many other uses viewcaturetofile from a layout since it is a very odd situation to use viewcapture in :slight_smile:

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It is indeed :smiley:, but I don’t mind.
If everything is optional/customizable I don’t mind weirdness.

The Bulgarian way :wink: if you don’t disturb anyone you can do whatever you want.

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Now that’s an excellent rule of thumb! I wish everyone would follow that rule :slight_smile:

What about the snipping tool in Windows 10? I’ve used that a ton and found it to be truly handy

This will restrict your image resolution to that of your desktop

Yeah, me too, I’ve used it a lot, but when saving to jpg it compresses red too hard and I needed that for text at this task, but thanks anyway though :slight_smile:

By the way, the snippingtool has the pen feature, which is quite hard to master with a mouse… so do you guys use any other tools for quickly snipping out and typing up some notes that looks slightly better than this?: :wink:

Try Greenshot (OpenSource) or SnapIt (proprietary by the creators of Camtasia)
I have them both but I only use Greenshot.

I have been to Bulgaria and it’s a beautiful country with passionate people. Sofia, Ruse, the shores of the Black Sea and so on. I didn’t disturb anyone while there!

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