Wish: ViewCaptureToClipboard option for actually just capturing the view

the peculiar history of the view capture commands has produced a situation in which they generally work poorly and counterintuitively with the raytraced viewport, since they rarely** capture anything, and might more aptly be called ViewRenderToClipboard/File

iirc, we arrived at this point mainly because people wanted to be able to capture a viewport at a resolution larger than the actual viewport – a natural request when we were talking about an opengl-rendered viewport, say with auxpecker materials or such, where the user wanted to be able to use that as a final output, and could not make it happen via the Render command

however, once the raytraced viewport showed up, things got weird, because now “capturing” at an arbitrary resolution was no longer a near zero-cost proposition; the behavior was retained even though a capture could now take minutes to complete

and this was necessary, in order to allow macros/scripts to work with raytraced like with other display modes, and since Render did not yet support rendering with the raytrace engine

but the latter is no longer the case, and as the former means the view capture commands can never be made to do what their names say, I would ask they at least get a new option like ActuallyJustCaptureTheDangView=Yes, allowing us to make buttons for capturing the view, when we want to capture the view, instead of having to remember to use the OS screen capture instead

any number of arguments can be made to justify why this should be unnecessary – why would someone want a half-baked version of the render? – but just for example, if I’m writing an email/forum/twitter/discord/etc post and just want to quickly capture what I see in my view, the view capture commands are useless; and at least for me, this has always been the most common use case

** it appears that if the capture passes match the render settings passes, and the viewport render has completed, then raytraced will actually just capture; but usually that is not the case, and I end up staring at a whited-out rhino window that is unable to hear the ESC I am trying to send it; I have more often just killed rhino rather than wait it out

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Maybe I am missing something… but doesn’t
ScreenCaptureToFile/Clipboard do that?

It lacks the auto-naming and the transparency/grid options, but other than that I think it literally makes a screenshot of the viewport. Meaning it also captures the viewport title and in case of raytraced, the progress bar at the bottom.

I use ScreenCapture all the time for quickly posting stuff in a chat or such… personally I would like to have the option to hide the viewport title (I know can be done via macro… but still) and the progress bar. Auto-naming would also be very welcome.


hey Daniel! yes the ScreenCapture versions are close what I am asking for, and I’d be just as happy with an option on those, which nixed the viewport title & render HUD, as an option on the ViewCapture ones, which just captured the existing image pixels