Wish Video capture for V6

I wonder is it possible to get simple video capture within Rhino?

I have video capture in flipbook and it’s really nice for teaching and doing 2d animation. In Rhino video captured images could come in as a picture frame or even be stored as an image sequence which the animation control could write a quick html for the way it does for path animations.

But just being able to capture one image and use it as a picture frame would be really useful even for non animation. I never realized how nice it was to get images right in your working program instantly.
This way I could video capture images and my students could draw/trace in rhino instantly. And the nice thing about rhino is it’s vector is the best at exporting closed path ai files which work fantastic for color fills etc. in PS.

This is the video cap window from flipbook, I know rhino can’t save to frames etc. but thought I’d throw this out there as a starter image.

I’m not sure what you’re asking for here. Are you asking for the entire Rhino window to be captured? A viewport? Are you wanting to capture what’s happening as you’re running Rhino, or to capture some form of automated animation?

This isnt obvious- Are you aware of the ViewportCapturetoFile and ViewportCapturetoClipboard command?
Does that do what you are looking for?

If this captured the mouse you could make a ticker that we ecuted that comment every 5 seconds and make an approximation of what the OP seems to be after…

Hi Brian,

Sorry this request is not for grabbing images of the Rhino viewport.
What I’m asking for is for a users web cam or connected camera be viewed and captured thru/within a picture frame. We don’t need to capture multiple frames at a time one frame at a time would be fine, it would be acting more like a stills camera accessible within Rhino to get images into rhino quickly.

So if a user has webcam on their laptop (most people do) they could use the webcam to capture an image right in rhino hopefully right to a picture frame.
I see it working like this
Picture frame command /option /capture
User places picture frame and one should see capture camera image on the picture frame. The command could have options or an interface that would be up to you guys like in the posted image, but the user would then click capture and the camera image would be on a picture frame. In the live mode a user could have the moving live view which could be good for other uses. Just to compare models with the real world having that live picture frame would be nice. Of Course if no picture is snapped or grabbed the live picture goes away once the command is canceled.

You have web browser now, I think this would be a cool and useful addition to rhino.
Hope this is clear

I read your post a couple times. Going to see if I understand. Your asking for a realtime camera that uses a viewport to view what the camera is seeing. Then as your moving this camera around and decide to capture an image , then it becomes a standard picture frame in Rhino? Did I get close ? Is it like saying you want a live picture frame? One of your viewports becomes like a viewfinder on a camera ? And perhaps one of the keys on the keypad becomes the shutter? Once you press the shutter , it comes a standard picture frame in Rhino?
How close did I get? --Mark

HI Mark,
That’s really, really close to what I am asking you win the prize,

but the camera image would be displayed on the picture frame not the viewport.

No viewport viewfinder, the picture frame itself becomes the viewport finder.

So at first you would drag out a rectangle picture frame in a viewport then maybe hit an option to enable camera and the live camera image would appear on the picture frame, then we would hit a control to snap the picture as you so aptly described.

But I also like the idea of a live image. The reason for the viewfinder image being right on a picture frame at first is because then you can align the live image next to ones model or just view the live image next to the model in the chosen viewport. And if we had another option to enable disable live view in picture frame could be another aspect of this. I have this tool in flipbook animation, the reason is an animator can take snapshots of themselves in various poses and then draw on top of the images. I can’t tell you how valuable this can be in some cases, I just discovered it and it takes the pain out of getting images into ones program and offers new working techniques.

But essentially that’s it. Thank you so much for taking the time to understand and read through my request.

Hi @brian,
I see McNeel already made a sort of proto-type of what I am asking for, it would be nice to get this plugin with the wishes I posted, but if not can this plugin be recompiled to work in V6?
The plugin is webcam.rhi and I can’t upload it here which is weird since it is a McNeel file type. It works great in V5 but I’m not using that as much and don’t have it installed on my newer computer.

You can upload the .rhi by zipping it.

What is it about the prototype that makes it so you don’t use it?

Hi Brian,
Ok good to know I can zip those up if needed.[quote=“brian, post:9, topic:35401”]
What is it about the prototype that makes it so you don’t use it?

Nothing I use it when I am using V5 and found if works quite well, however I’ve since upgraded computers to win10 and RhinoV5 is on my old win7 computer. I didn’t install V5 on this computer because I have low drive space with this small ssd drive and only have V6 installed. I’m actually doing 99.00 percent of my work in V6 now thus the request.

One thing I found about the plugin, it really could use a “snap or take image button” in addition to the save button. It isn’t the greatest to use the save file button as a snap button, I can’t tell if the picture is snapped or not, and thus it’s hard to frame and take an ideal image, it’s kind of hit or miss now. It would be nice if the image would remain frozen in the cam view after snapping an image and the save button could just become a standard save button. It’s weird that the cam never lets the user know an image is snapped and how it looks before saving it.

Very cool plugin I really like it and find it useful, this is really nice stuff to include in a SW package and it figures McNeel already had this out there before I asked.
Thanks for your help, hope we can get a build of the plugin for V6 too when you get a chance.