Recording a Tutorial

How do I record a short Rhino video of moving objects?

Hi -
If you need to record the animation of objects, there are a few simple tools in Rhino that lets you set and record such animation. See the help file for information about these.
If you are manually moving objects and need to record your actions, you’ll have to look for some screen capture software.

Thank you. I will check for this software

If you want to record yourself using Rhino (e.g. for making a tutorial) you can use the free OBS Studio:

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Great! Thank you

I mostly use Nvidia’s own GeForce Experience capturing tool called “Shadowplay” that comes with the Nvidia drivers. Obviously, you also need to have an Nvidia video card. :slight_smile: The good thing about that approach is that modern Nvidia video cards have a dedicated processing unit for video capturing and encoding, so they don’t use as much system resources. It’s basically “free” and won’t hit the performance of the system other than saving the file on the target SSD or hard drive. Plus, its quality is impressive and almost lossless.

Another way is to use one of the many video capturing programs. Sometimes I use iTop Screen Recorder:

Oooooh, that sounds great. The performance cost when capturing (especially in 4K) has always been a bit of a bummer. Do you have a link/some reference to this feature?

You can check it on theofficial webpage of Nvidia, as well as in many YouTube tutorials and reviews. It’s what most people use to capture their gameplay or programs, because the quality and performance are excellent. My old PC from 2014 has no problem with capturing perfect video quality at 4K/60 as I work on heavy Rhino scenes. :slight_smile: Both, the CPU and GPU don’t take any hit while recording, as the dedicated Nvidia capturing chip does everything by itself.

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That’s awesome, will definitely check this out next time I’m capturing. Thanks :pray:

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Most tutorials are hard to follow because it is not clear what Rhino command is running at the moment. There are two solutions:

  1. My favorite solution is free plugin (TutorialPanelPlugin) posted here: New feature request - tutorial pane
  2. Open Help panel with Auto-update checked.