Record Animation and SetOneDaySunAnimation Help


I would appreciate a little help on the following matters:

  1. Can you screen record in rhino?
  2. Can you save the recorded animations in a normal format - mine seem to only open in google crhome and I have no way of saving them as say mp4.
  3. The setonedaysunanimation command allows me to chose full render, maxwell fire and raytraced as options to record, but it never actually records any of them and just defaults to the normal render display mode.
  4. When I record set path in raytraced, it will only come out in blurry and jittery geometry. Is there a way to render it in full?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Felix - there is no codex or anything associated with the basic animation tools - it makes a pile of images, which you can find in the destination folder - you can use any tools you like to compile a ‘real’ animation from those.

I see the problem with raytraced! We will need to do something about that - thanks for pointing this out.
In V7, where Cycles is the renderer by default, you can simply use Full Render I suppose, and not the viewport capture.

RH-57903 Handle raytraced


thank you for your response