Wish V6: Better Layout Management

Hi McNeel

Since working on a larger project with Rhino I miss some functionality regarding layout management. The following list goes from simple wishes to more complex wishes that would help with managing layouts:

  1. Ordering of the layout tabs via drag & drop instead of the clumsy Move & Copy window (has been wished in other threads as well)

  2. A layout manager. When working with many layouts (20+, depending on resolution) the tab approach becomes unusable. There exists a basic layout manager (http://www.food4rhino.com/project/layout-manager), but it has several bugs that make it almost useless. This has also been wished before. Sorry for repeating.

  3. A sheet Set Manager as found in AutoCAD (I know this is asking for a lot and does not really fit in the Rhino way of doing things) or some similar interface that would allow easier management of the layouts content. (Edit) Sheet sets would be groups of layouts. For the sheet set two main features come to my mind: 1. variables. e.g. text variables placed on the layouts that can be managed through one window. The variables should be freely assignable key, value pairs. 2. layout templates that can be setup with the necessary variables and loaded through the Layout Manager. Currently we do this through nested blocks in referenced files, but the setup is very error prone with new people not used to the setup.

4. A batch print function, where I could select a sheet set and print all the layouts in this sheet set at once.



I had been thinking about this, and wishing some of the same things. Something like this would be very handy for working with a bunch of sheets. It would also be nice if there were some way to search through the details and sheets (for instance I forgot what sheet detail 18 was on), some way to find the last / highest numbered detail / sheet, find any conflicts (I have two detail 18s).



Oh, it would also be very nice to be able to use this information. For instance, in most of our drawing packages, sheet #00 is a table of drawings, which shows the sheet name, contents, and scale. It would be cool if this layout manager could be used to create and maintain that list.

Iā€™m two posts into the Serengeti board and already feature creeping away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you heard back on any of this? Your thoughts on layouts are good and I would also like see features like this.

It may be an old post but its still relevant

Yeah, this is definitely still relevant, IMO :slight_smile:. It is something that would be very nice get in V6.

And maybe a further wish:
A way to control the graphics of the plot/print, similar to plotstyles in ACAD. So that curves for 2D plans are shown the same way, e.g. width controlled by the colours of the layers. A possibility to load a .ctb file like this one
IBB.rar (3.3 KB) . To be able to create a template for the print width and colours. This is very useful when making graphics for architectural plans. To make the output look the same every time, when printing to paper.

Or maybe it is already possible to do this in rhino ?


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Hi Sam - thanks,



That would be very nice to have.
Maintaining a drawing-list by hand can be a real pain in the backside.

This is not the most recent thread about layout but it is the more relevant. Still today.
Or I missed something and please wake me up !
I had to do something so I wrote an utility with Eto in Python.
It is far from the mockup done by SamPage. Which is really nice and exhaustive by the way.
Hope someone could find it as useful as I do ;).
If somebody could find a way to drag instead of using mouse wheel, feel free to share !
(I was able with Windows.Forms but not yet with Eto.)


layout_form.py (3.6 KB)


Look very nice Lahos. Thank you!