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The following recent posts concern sectioning and layouting. I am pasting them together in order to give an overview.

I think McNeel should undertake sectioning/layouting as a major project for the future. Rhino is great in all the geometry fields (modeling, scripting, grasshopper, etc.), also import/export is awesome, but illustrating drawings and layout for printing is not working as well as in other programs (see examples here Section tools for architectural documentation). Unfortunately it is still needed daily in most businesses. The recent number of topics and activity in the forum should hint at a major shortcoming in this area.


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I should reply as I have been quoted in this thread.

When I posted those comments I was still regularly working in SketchUp but at this point I rarely, if ever, use the program. I model exclusively in Rhino now. But the other half of my comments still stand - SketchUp can output vector prints of perspective views of a model, Rhino can’t. That’s a significant difference between the two programs and I hope Rhino will catch up to SketchUp in that regard sometime soon.

That is not true. You should be able to output vector in both parallel and perspective viewports.

Thanks for the reply Steve but I don’t understand this. Every time this subject comes up someone from McNeel replies that you can print out vector images from perspective views. If this is true could someone from McNeel take the next step and explain how?

This is a perspective view with vector selected as output type. It’s not a vector image.


Maybe like this?

But I am not sure if Rhino can export the layer info in this way.

Sorry, we’re talking about different things.

  • Shaded output is not supported for vector output
  • Perspective projections are support for vector. You can print a wireframe perspective viewport with vector output.

Yes - that’s the comparison I was making with SU. In SketchUp you can print just vector or you can print ‘hybrid’ which is vector outlines with raster planes. Very useful and I wish Rhino had that capability.

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Even more important, something like the Technical Display Mode should print vectors. I know with large models this could take a long time to compute. Even a static solution, that requires to press an update button would be helpful for the time being.