WISH: Using gumball modifiers while entering an exact value

Like holding:

  • CTRL to offset
  • ALT to duplicate

Also allowing that for sub-objects.

You can enter exact values via gumball, it is the primary way I model. (it takes some getting used to tho as the sequence can be tricky). For instance alt+drag. You hold alt, start dragging, let go of alt, type value, hit enter, let go of gumball. This works on sub-objects as well.

This is what I want to do:

I want CTRL+Enter to use the value and the modifier

What is the modifier for extruding the face that way?

you have to start dragging then hold control and release the mouse button

I don’t understand why for extruding you have to start dragging and for duplicating you have to start holding before you start dragging :smiley:

Ah I see what you are saying, because that modifier is kind of a toggle you have no chance to enter a value. I’m surprised actually there is not an extrude button or command (or atleast I cant see it)

I could not find any either.

This Sub-D is so cool though :smiley: I like it. I hope just the sculpting to be more parametric than just dragging.

2 mins work :smiley:


On the gumball you’ll find a dot on each of the axises. This is the extrusion dot. Click it and type your value. I noticed the text is wrong (it asks for an angle) - but it will extrude the exact amount.


Thanks Nathan.

I doesn’t have any text though. I guess it’s due to the cutdown windows ui.

It is a lot of fun :smiley:

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Then QuadRemesh it and you’ll have probably a quite nice mesh as well.