Gumball: Alt + plane drag should make extrusion

When, a face is selected and I alt+drag using the gumball dot, the face gets extruded. Same should happen when using the plane. Makes low-poly editing more friendly.

Use ctrl while dragging the plane indicator. alt is for duplication.

  • Nope. Ctrl is for repositioning the gumball.

You can use the Gumball Rotate plane at the desired angle, Gumball Alagin to Object, Gumball Extrude

if you press ctrl before dragging you will relocate the gumball, if you first drag and then press ctrl. you will extrude.


Interesting, thanks. I was always using Alt + gumball dot-drag to extrude. That’s why I was expecting alt + plane-drag to have the same effect.

picking the dot will extrude without pressing Alt

Yes, you’re right.