Alt-modifier to extrude sub-d (and NURBS) edges/faces gone?

Hi McNeel
Why has the option of using Alt-key as modifier key to extrude edges and faces been removed (and what has been introduced as the replacement)? I miss it especailly when using the “gumball plane” to scale2D/extrude in the cplane direction in one go (using shift to force the 2D scale).
TIA, Jakob

No response at all? @pascal, can you confirm that this feature has been removed on purpose?
TIA, Jakob

you probably meant CTRL key…?

I just installed latest WIP. It doesn’t work while using gumball scale handles. It works in 7.
Gumball arrows handles still work with CTRL modifier like in 7…

Hi @maje90
In V7 Alt works as well as Ctrl, and it’s the one I’ve grown accustomed to use - and you are right about the scale part! I see now that it’s just the scale handles (and Shift+clicking on the gumball plane to Scale2D) that isn’t working. I hope it’ll come back :grimacing: Thanks for chiming in!

Hi Jakob - as you can tell it’s been in flux - I see in our latest that there is still some functionality missing - as far as I can tell anyway.


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