WISH : unselect layers when focus is not on layer manager

I wish that the layers got automatically unselected when pointer is not on layer manager.
I often want to delete Rhino objects, suddenly getting a popup asking me if I want to delete this or that layer because it was selected, and somehow the focus was still in the layer manager, while my pointer( which is my visual cue as to where the focus is) was on top of the graphics area.


I have been forced to read very carefully the dialog popping up when deleting something… :wink:

Yes, unselect layers when focus is not on layers, or alternatively, unselect when trying to delete when focus is not on layers(?).

// Rolf

And how many times have I sent my layer manager window to the printer…

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It would help if un-selecting layers did not require to click in an empty space of the layer manager.
My layer manager rarely has empty spaces, so it’s a hassle to NOT have some layer(s) selected.

True. Perhaps a right-click-menu in the Layer panel for “Unselect layer”?

That would still require an extra step (to unselect) when trying to delete something, so therefore the best delete approach perhaps would be to also restrict allow Delete Layer ONLY using RMB in the Layer panel? (“explicit” layer delete).

That way the general Delete command would not have to bother at all about layers.

// Rolf

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That sounds like a very good idea

If Rhino is going to add a Blocks to Layer option for Step file imports, this becomes even more important.

Just to note that in Mac Rhino something like this seems to have been already implemented.
Selected layer can be deleted only by clicking the -[minus] button at the manager’s bottom end [not so great if you have lots of layers] or by right clicking and choosing from the manager context manu.
[* While other layer organisational options found in Windows are still missing on the Mac.]


Hi @osuire,

I’ve created an issue to disable the Layers panel’s delete key handler.



– Dale

RH-56405 is fixed in the latest WIP

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The “Delete” command does not delete layers anymore in V7 WIP, indeed.
This is a relief.
Thanks !

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Olivier, all,
From Rhino 7.6, the Delete key will, once again, delete layers.
When you install that version, make sure to change the advanced setting Rhino.Options.General.EnableLayersPanelDeleteKey and set it to false to keep the current behavior!
Also see: RH-63265

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