Rhino 7 - cannot delete layer with Delete keyboard key

When trying to delete a layer at the layers tab, marking the layer, hitting Delete keyboard key,
does noting, only clicking the delete button at the layers tab does the job.
In V6 , 5, etc. the keyboard function worked.

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Yep, that was deliberately taken out in V7…

IT’s very annoying update from Mcneel

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Why ?

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You can find several discussions about it here if you do a search… Some people complained that they accidentally deleted layers when they wanted to delete objects because they didn’t realize that the layer panel was still active (I’m not one of them). So they took that function out. I miss it too. Oh well…


understood…happened to me as well, but always found out on time…ok ill live with that, Tnx !

deleting layers with delete is a good and easy thing. might as well take delete out generally as well since stuff gets accidentally deleted…

in case of layer one could get a pop up asking “do you really want to delete the layer” and in case it has stuff on one anyway gets notified that the layer contains objects.

any other software package allows to delete that on the fly, that is how i work in all adobe products basically anywhere having layers. but i am also aware of what i am doing and not just clicking and deleting stuff.

a few whiny individuals managed to break through due to their inability to deal with a normal function… unbelievable…

well if an object is selected and the layer gets deleted instead that is definitely something to fix. but taking out the entire function sounds utterly ludicrous. or will it be reintroduced and fixing that is not so easy?


I don’t think that is a big deal. Deleting layers should not be such a workflow-critical action. Man really, you may insult people when calling them “whiny individuals”, although I partially agree that people should not take care too much about doing mistakes. Constantly saving files and working concentrated, can really help in not making such mistakes. I’m personally highly against this constant hurry of doing things, which is rather the reason why mistakes like these are happening.

something which upset me in my early mac version times that it was so difficult to delete the layer. i did not get to using version 6 an now considering finally updating to version7 i find out it has been removed.

often do i create a temp layer which gets removed when done, deleting the layer in a quick flick is then essential. i remember one issue that deleting a layer or generally messing with layers is not undoable, i am not on a computer right now but i assume that could be a problem of course.

well ok i am just a whiny individual myself so dont take that personal or anybody else.

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V7 no longer allowing deletion of layers by the delete key continues to be disruptive to me.

If enough people continue to complain about this will the ability to delete layers using the delete key be reinstated in V8?


+100… How about V7!!!


Yes please bring it back. Maybe it can be made more intelligent though. I have had accidental hitting delete on a layer too but it was never disastrous. One way could be to allow only a delete of a layer within certain time of having selected it. Because when you want to delete a layer or layers you will do that almost right after selecting them anyway.

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+1 to bring it back in V7.
Always can add Advanced Option to disable it to satisfy everyone.


+1 to restore the delete key as an option, heck I’ll even dig for it as an opt-in Advanced Option if folks are convinced disabling delete is a good idea.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a toggle switch in the settings! for someone only working with shortcuts, aliases etc. its way quicker to sometimes CTRL+Z if I deleted a layer.

If you delete a layer with stuff in it, you will get a pop-up message saying there is stuff in this layer, are you sure? so you can only “evidentially” delete layers you didn’t use anyway!

All - From Rhino 7.6 on Windows, the default behavior will be that you can delete layers with the keyboard delete key again. To turn this behavior OFF, uncheck the advanced setting Rhino.Options.General.EnableLayersPanelDeleteKey.
Also see: RH-63265


:+1: :+1:

@wim WOW !! That’s great news TNX !!!

any word on why this is not coming to mac?

where can I find which version I have?

I only see it is up to date.