WISH: turning vertices and control points on at the same time

It seems necessary to have both control points and vertices on when working with Subd.

Trying to use the insert vertex command shows a mesh built from the control points, but what’s relevant to that command to build a well structured subd is to see the vertices locations.

What’s the command, insert vertex?

pff… it’s _InsertPoint but the name is misleading what it’s inserting in fact is a vertex

typically you’d want one or the other…in a complex model having both on would be a recipe for some serious visual confusion.

Typically I am aware of the possible result. That’s why I also requsted all these sub-objects to have differet coloring. Switching constantly between smooth and edgy subd modes is a flaw. If you’ve worked long enough on a model you will distinguish pretty well what each object is, given you have slight difference in color.