SubD Insert Point Smooth vs Flat

I’ve been having trouble using Insert Point in my models, because it immediately switches to Flat mode, where there polygons are so chaotic that it’s impossible to reach the points desired. Is this the actual workflow as it now stands, or some function of my lousy video card? I hate to invoke Tsplines, ahem, but this didn’t happen there, the surface remained smooth…

After clicking Insert Point, this is what I’m confronted with. I can’t get into those regions where the edges are obscured.

The succulent smooth version.

Hello - inserting a point will always be on the control polygon, not the smooth thing - can you work in Ghosted or wireframe display modes for this?


Thank you for your reply Pascal. Well, here we are in Ghosted, and I can’t tell what the hell is going on. My workaround was to place two regular points on the edges that I wanted to Insert Points, while in Smooth, and then look for what I ‘think’ the corresponding edges are when I’m switched to flat. I’m really curious as to whether anyone else finds this irksome? This is not a problem if your shapes are mostly convex, but as you introduce concavities, the control polygons get buried.

The arrows point to where I positioned my desired points in Smooth, and the edge which almost joins them is the one created by Insert Points.

Hi Ethan, so you’d prefer to stay in smooth mode and have the point ‘insertion preview’ appear on the smooth edge, correct? And the point would go where ever it goes on the control polygon?


Correct! I think I see where you’re going with this, because there’s no guarantee it’s going to end up where I think it will, so maybe a midpoint snap??? It seems to end up near the midpoint anyway unless the geometry is really skewed.