InsertPoint does not work for subd

Really need the InsertPoint for subd.
It does not work unfortunately.
Perhaps this command is one of the basic ones, since without InsertPoint, impossible to make any complex model.

I would like to know if it is worth counting on implementation in the coming month?

Where do you need to insert a point?

My workaround for this is to toggle to flat display mode, place a normal rhino point where I want an extra vertex, delete the face I want to add a vertex to, and then use _3DFace to redraw the face, placing a vertex at each original point, plus on top of the rhino point I drew.

In the current WIP, in flat display mode, to add a face and have it be able to join right, you need to pick the option to not interpolate in the _3DFace command.

Thanks @Max3. I’ll try
But first, how to enable flat display mode?
Do you mean same !_tsSmoothToggle?
Where is enable for subd?

In the most recent WIP, it’s _SubDDisplayToggle.

If you have an older version of the WIP, it has a different command. I forget what it was. It’s in these forums, discussed a lot.

Also: in the current WIP, osnaps are buggy in flat display mode. What I do to make guides for creating new faces is:

-go to flat display mode
-turn control points on
-delete faces I want to add points to
-draw a line between control points, and use its midpoint to snap to when using _3dFace.

Obviously you can place guides at other locations using the same principle.

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Thanks again it works.
I have the latest WIP version.
I use a couple of days, study subd.
At first glance, the options for working the subd are dispersed across different toolbars. Something in subd, something in Mesh Utilities.
For example if don’t know the _SubDDisplayToggle command then do not use it.
Where can I find all subd commands?

I don’t think subd toggle is in a toolbar.

There are five commands in the mesh utilities toolbar that I copied to the SubD toolbar.

Not in front of my machine now, so I don’t remember exact command names I copied, but they included loop selections, ring selection, and the one that divides faces along loops. One other one. I forget which.

Fifth point _Join?
I did as well, but the point that lay on the edge (mid snap) did not stick to the model

How much do I understand subd is quite loyal to triangles?
Not as TS that dislike it

It won’t join if you don’t redraw both faces as pentagons, with your new point shared by both.

And yes, this is a tedious process that coupd be made into a single click process with a command that can insert a subD vertex.

If I was creating it, I’d call it _insertvertex, have it work in Mesh and SubD, be able to snap to midpoints of mesh and subD edges, near-snap to edges, and also be able to snap to rhino points, so you could do:

_divide (make five equal segments for example)
_insertVertex …click on the three non-endpoints

And get 3 equally spaced new vertexes, turning each adjacent face into an ngon.

Is there already a mesh command that does this? I don’t use mesh a lot.

Update: now that I think about it a little more, how about two commands: _insertVertex (automatically near-snaps on an edge, and detents at edge midpoint) and _divideEdge (prompts for number of divisions)

cc: @pascal