Wish: Tune up MoveUVN

Here is how I think this could work. To get that Gumball “feeling” of using a handle,
each Control Polygon is split at the middle. You do not grab a Control Point, but the handle on either side “A” or “B” , which fully defines a Control Point and the corresponding tangent with a single click.

Additionally this would also solve the “shallow angle” problem between the tangent extention and the “next” Polygon.

This of course works in all four directions:


There are two way of activating the Control Point Gumball:

  • By picking a Control Point, the Gumball shows up, or

  • To intitially have no handle visible and as you move the cursor near one handle, it lights up, which would save one click.

If you want to work this way, you simply pick the handle on the other side.
This way a “Control Point Gumball” can do tangent extention as well travelling along the polygon the “wrong” way!