Feature request: Appearance adjustments for U and V selected control point indicators

I can barely see the tiny red line on the selected control point hull here, and the green line blends into the other edge:

Compare this to a wonderful script that @Pascal has made, where things are super clear:


I wish there would be native appearance options in Rhino to increase the thickness of those tiny red and green U and V lines, and optionally add arrow ends and U/V labels to them.

Additionally, during Cage Edit, if you want to use the MoveUVN tool on the Control object, it seems that these indicators are 100% invisible, simply because it’s a “control object” and not a surface/polysurface/curve.


Plus one vote on that from my side. I know the RGB/XYZ/UVW but I always have to think which is which. It would be very helpful to have visual indicators on the screen that give you both color and letter. Red/U, Green/V, Blue/Normal. I would love to have this implemented anytime U/V/W is involved. The two I can think of right away are Rebuild and MoveUVN

Also a MASSIVE plus one from me! Being red/green colourblind, it is so much easier to see the difference, if the lines are thick than those tiny, skinny lines!

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100% supported!

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that’s needed.

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Well, I did try to suggest something similar before (in a thread from 2015), but McNeel seems adamant that you should just learn this. However, the reason why I posted this thread is that in the two cases I mentioned above it’s almost impossible.

I’m not a programmer, so I really don’t know what I’m talking about, but with that said, it seems like this would not be that difficult to implement and it would make a lot of people happy. I’m positive it would also make people happy that are not focal about this on the forum.

Hey all - got it, I’ll make a bug for this. Ad you may know you can set a display mode with different U and V isocurve colors - I realize this is not the same as what you need here but it might help. Also, the little selected point UV indicators follow the X and Y colors for CPlanes -



ShowDir may help, but I get that this suffers from some of the same shortcomings. I think this is the tool that needs to be tuned up to help the most here - does that seem right to y’all?



Hi Pascal, I believe it’s not so much what colors are used as having an indication with letters which is which. As long as I have been using Rhino, I always have to think which is which. And if the Gumball is activated (mine is most of the time) the screen is more busy making this even more difficult to determine at a glance.

I do run different colors from default, but it doesn’t help me determining which is which. Without running the risk of rambling, hope this helps.

Hi all,

I would also love to see a better solution for always knowing which way is U and which way is V

I think the preview here with the colored arrows works at certain zoom levels:

But obviously not at others:

Also the colors alone are not helpful for color blind folks, so adding the U and V nomenclature would be required to be universally accessible.

…related to these screenshots above: for the life of my I have no idea what those green points are. Why so many? Why Green? and they do not represent the current control points, not the ones listed in the rebuild U and V filed values. What are they?

…Also as color_ UV letters are added to the viewport, they should also be consistently added to the tool’s icons. IN my case I did it manually myself to go from this:

to this:

The default of preview on surfaces by color + preview on tools’ icons by letters is just a crazy mind riddle IMO.



Perhaps this thread should now instead be merged with the one I linked above, because I think we’re all saying the same thing now. :slight_smile:

(Although, as noted, that thread is from 2015 with no change to Rhino, hence why I attempted to narrow the scope of the request in this thread, for perhaps a chance of a minimal short term fix.)

EDIT: I think I’d love a toggle button down here for “UV Lables”, for example…

And that should work on even cage objects. But for example, when I’m just rough editing a hull using the view based drag mode, I have no interest in seeing even the thin red and green lines.