VSR end of Life-

Actually everything important has already been mentioned above by the guys, but here is my list:

  1. CP modeling or CP Gumball

  2. Matching with Blend/Falloff, also for Curves

  3. Real time deviation analysis

  4. Global Continuity Checker

  5. XYZ-Static Highlights


Fine Tuning/Clean Up Tools:

  1. Planarise CPs (With tracing Plane)
  2. View Scaling

But instead of building everything from the ground up, maybe have a look what is already available:

  1. Fix THIS as a first step vor CP modeling.

  2. Continuity Analysis and visible CPs during matching

  3. Fix Filleting

  4. XYZ-Static Highlights

  5. Real time deviation analysis (Script by @Pascal) —> Explanation here

Those 5 tools just require fixing, meaning little new development. With these fixed you are already 80% there, as a short term solution!

Some Pictures: