Wish: Text Frame Shapes to create Tags or Balloons!

The new text frame in R7 in combination with mask and mask margins is awesome.

It also makes me think we are tantalizingly close to the prospect of being able to turn these texts into basic tags by adding functionality to change the shape of the mask/frame:

UI wise you could simply add a ‘shape’ dropdown next to the ‘draw frame around text’ checkbox. The shapes you see in the viewport are the ones I personally would want to be able to choose from.

These could also then be used with leaders to create simple balloons.

Is this possible to achieve?

Hi Ben -
We have that feature request on the list as RH-29235.
I’ve added your picture to that report.

Great thanks Wim - although not sure if it matters but my request was for text outlines in general, not necessarily tied to a leader. This way we can make standalone tags as well.

I don’t suppose this is something you guys can knock up over the next couple of weeks? :laughing: