Creating text for cut out/engraving in Rhino Cam

First time posting. If this is not quite the right place for this question recommendations for other forums are welcome!

I want to do the very simple act of creating a model of a sheet of plywood that will have a phrase cut out of it via Rhino Cam/CNC router. I can’t figure out how to do this after trying all sorts of things such as extrude curve, trim, edit curve etc. i don’t really understand what the text exists as, a surface? a curve? a mesh (and, i don’t really know yet what a mesh is)? and how do i describe it through rhino modelling so that the cam will recognize it in a way that it can be cut out?

any help or links would be great.


Text can be what You want it to be. For cutting You need just a curves:

Thanks! Makes sense. Will give it a go today.

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