Wish: Text/Dimension Scaling in Layouts

I wish there was some simple way to have a target font size that would appear in layouts such that the font size would remain constant regardless of the detail scale.

When doing something for print, one wants to specify the output/print font size to ensure that it is (a) readable and (b) consistent among pages that may come from different files. (And scale arrow heads.)

Problem #1: Is that Rhino expresses text size in what appears to be the cap height.

Problem #2: When layout space scaling is enabled and the font size is set to readable, I get microscopic text in the model space.

My work around is to have spreadsheets for each typeface where I have estimated the Rhino height for a particular font size and the calculate for various scales and font sizes the Rhino height required.

This means I can’t have layouts with different scales in the same file (unless I create a plethora of styles for different scales).