Wish Switch _Scale_Tool From Command Line To Dialog Box

Wish Switch Scale_Tool From Command Line To Dialog Box
See the attached video .
There are many options that I can use.
Arithmetic operations within the command,
Like length measurement, addition and subtraction .
These improvements are very useful to shoe designers_ sizing_

It’s a nice idea thought. A bit like Box Edit, which has a dialog, but for scaling options.


Hello, how are you, can you add it to wishlist, if it is a good idea .
It helps shoe designers for Grading Sole.

Hello - this part you can do now - Length, Distance and Radius can be used to get input numbers at any time, and you can use math on the command line.



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Scale tool When using Length, Distance , On an axis X , Moves directly to the second axis Y .
I cannot use math On the numbers .
Look at the first video to clear the idea.

Hello - to use distance or length, set a base point and a first reference point inside the Scale commands, then enter the number you would like for the distance between the two - use Distance, Length, math etc at that stage - does that work for you?


Jonathan already mentioned but, yes, honestly BoxEdit is much more versatile for this purpose anyways – allows for math expressions, allows you to set which direction the scale shift is anchored, provides dimension information of the bounding box of all selected objects, etc.