Rhino CAL command (command line calculator)


in AutoCAD I often use the command “CAL”, which is a command line calculator (text based, no GUI) since I find it often faster than the “QuickCalc” (CAD) which is similar to the “Calc” in rhino.
Is there a way to use the rhino command line as a calculator? Not within commands, just to see the result.
E.g.: cal (enter) 2*1 (enter) returns 2

Hi Andrej - you can just enter the math at the command line in Rhino.


Hello Pascal,

If I enter 2 * 1 in the command line, I receive “Unknown command: 2*1” instead of “2”

Calculations only work inside a running command. They also work in any of the Gumball entry boxes.

Ah OK. Could this become a feature request?

You can have a normal or RPN calculator as a panel.

I prefer having layers on the side instead of a calculator… a command line calculator is simply faster. There is no need to click inside some GUI to activate it, then to click again to close it using some X. Just keyboard. And you can find the history by scrolling the command line if needed.

My guess is it would not be hard to make a Calculate command… asking…

RH-69610 Calculate command


Well, it’s unlikely to work because when there’s no command active, Rhino is expecting a command name at the command line. And while normal commands do not start with numbers, aliases can - plus the fuzzy autocomplete. So Rhino would never know what you wanted if you just started typing numbers. Plus if you want the result of sin(30), that starts with letters…

One way it might be able to be made to work is like Excel - i.e. to start a calculation you have to type = and then your formula.

Yes, or a new command altogether, as Pascal suggested.

@andrej on Windows there is testEval - that may help for now.