Wish: support for Keyboard shortcuts on Numpad

With NumLock on, the NumPad is just another way to enter numbers, right?
Yet for some reason, assigning commands in Rhino Options > Keyboard to CTRL-1,2,3,4,5,… works on the normal number keys, but not in the NumPad.

What I want to achieve is to use the NumPad for viewport switching (Top, Front, Left,…), like I do in various other 3D programs. 5: Top, 4: Left, 6: Right, 2: Front, and so on. I don’t mind having to use modifier keys also (CTRL, whatever).

Yet in Rhino, like I said, CTRL-5 etc. on the NumPad is not accepted, even with NumLock on. I can’t see any good reason for this.
Should be an easy fix, I guess.

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Hi Eugen- I see that - I have no idea if it is an easy fix, but I’ll put it on the pile- thanks.



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Thanks, Pascal!
I had to chuckle imagining the size of that pile…

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Would it get easier to have this fixed if the shortcuts assigned to numkeys are the same as on the numpad?
As long as the numpad works, it is great!
I never use the shortcuts on the numkeys, since they are inconvenient to reach, therefore all fine if they are exactly the same as on the numpad - just kind of linking the #1 key on numkeys to #1 key on numpad. Issue fixed.

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