Hot Keys on NumPad

I would like to assign Hotkeys to the NumPad of my keyboard.
e.g. Ctrl+5

This works only with number 5 on my Standard Keyboard section but not with the NumPad part.

Is there a workaround? Thanks.

Additionally, is it possible to reassign Ctrl+Cursor Up?

Hi Mattias - I don’t know why number pad does not work for these. I’ll see if I can find out - @dale, do you have an idea?

Apparently, they are just different keys and they send a different signal to the key-press getter.


Yes, that are different keys.
It was mentioned a loooong time, I think it was at Rhino 2 times.
Especially Ctrl+(NumPad 0) and (NumPad 0) is a wish, as it means ViewAll in some other programs.

Perhaps it is time to make it working now?