[WISH] Support DELETE for removing components from canvas


The Delete button on the full-sized Apple keyboard doesn’t seem to be supported for removing components from the Grasshopper canvas in the latest version of Rhino. Instead Backspace is currently used.

Would you consider making Delete accessible for deleting components too please?

It can not be changed via File > Preferences > Interface > Shortcuts > Edit ?

No, I can’t set it to DELETE. The input field turns red and doesn’t accept the new value!
Also, it would be better to have support for both keys, especially for laptop users that sometimes use an external keyboard and other times the built.in one, since the latter doesn’t have a dedicated DELETE button (only BACKSPACE).

The opposite happens on WINDOWS Bootcamp.

Rhino use backspace key as delete by default, but on Grasshopper we need fn+delete for delete. Maybe is just to allow the backspace key on the edit shortcuts.

@Dani_Abalde does the edit shortcuts allow you to usebackspace as delete? maybe this only happens on mac devices running Windows. Anyway, do you think this could be fixed with a kind of “hack” to allow this, via code or edit the grasshopper_kernel.xml? or maybe to allow an external second shortcut for delete.

It was always madness to get used to the workflow of each platform again and again with the scroll-wheel zoom(Gh MAC wrong zoom direction until now) and the way to delete components (Gh WINDOWS Bootcamp).