Problem: SubD render mesh is way too dense

Hi @dalelear

I have a problem with modelling a complex SubD model. It’s a tire with 32K faces.
If I convert this to SubD and then extracts the render meshes it is a 8M mesh :grimacing:

Each face seems to be divided into a 16x16 mesh by visual inspection.
And also 16x16x32K = 8M so I guess it’s a right assumption.

IMO 4 x 4 should be more than enough for most needs.

Tire to SubD.3dm (1.9 MB)

I also noticed that the SubDivide command now just divides the meshes WITHOUT smoothing them like SubD does. Is that intentional or did something break?

It would be handy to have an option to choose whether to simply subdivide or to subdivide by Catmull-Clark and to be able to set the subdivision level.

@Holo you can add a custom render mesh for the subd, then pull the slider completely to the left while using simple controls.

On Windows there is maybe already a section for SubD conversion in the advanced controls. But the slider controls the level of subd of the object.

On my Mac this gives me a render mesh of 119296 after converting the mesh of your file to subd first, then setting custom render mesh with slider fully to the left.

In the V7 intentionally, the V6 still smooths.