Wish: Split to work like trim if not actually intersected

Hi, this is a wish I have had for a long time.
To have apparent intersection for split like we have with trim.

Now I have to make many copies and trim and trim and delete and delete :wink:

Hi Jorgen - this comes up now and again… in the current scheme of things, Split splits everything it can according to its own rules. If it were to work like Trim then each individual split would need to be specified - and the active viewport in which it were specified could then come into play. My preference, if we wanted to make something like this work, would be add a Split option in Trim. I am sure there would be pushback about this (complicating Trim) but it seems more useful to me than breaking how Split works. Does that make sense?

RH-59281 Trim - Split option



I guess that makes sense in a programming kind of way :slight_smile:
But for users I think it would not make sense to add split into trim when there is a dedicated split command though. But for me personally it would work with a “use trim as split” option.
And I see how split can be used in more scenarios than trim, so breaking stuff is not someting we want!