Split curve by projected view

not sure is there an option to split a curve with another curve that is intersecting in a view…(not actually intersecting)
thank you for any hints!

you can use trim on what visibly intersects, not sure split works, though you can ctrl C the curve(s) to be timmed first, trim them, then ctrl V them back to trim the others

oh wow I didnt realise those options existed for trimming. even the extend line is great. I guess I just wish they would exist in the split options in the same ways, because I want to keep everything always. meaning if i cut a circle i still want the complete circle to be there, just split:) I guess I can put it on a list for a feature request…

You can use Split for apparent intersections as well, by selecting the “Point” option, then pick the apparent intersect point (with Osnap “Intersection” active).