Split apparent intersections no option


why isnt there an apparent intersections yes or No with split.
there is with trim.

Drives me nuts !


Yeah, Split is not so dependent on the view as Trim.


I need to be doing lots of splits, and each time it says outside of tolerance,.

how do I split two crossing lines that appear in ortho view to cross, thats what I need. I want to split them and am aware they dont meet up in 3D perspective.

Taking me ages messing about.

Its goign to be another night working to 4am just cos of this…help !!!

This is so fundamentally basic, to get felled on this need, …

I do despair at times that such basic stuff is not sorted by now.


Use the Point option and Int OSnap, (Use apparent Intersections is set in Options > Modeling aids.)


Hi Pascal,
had apparent intersections on in Options.
tried the point method…
BRILLIANT…it works…well so far anyway :slight_smile:

One to remember always.


In case it will help, here is a Python script to split one set of curves with another set using the active viewport projection as a cut direction. V5 only, of course. Should also work on Mac.


SplitCrvsByViewNormal.py (2.0 KB)

Hi Helvetosaur,

This python script for split on apparent intersections I have made into a button, works great.


I hope V7 has apparent Intersections now in the split command. Despite any arguments against it, when its needed ITS NEEDED, and I am making lots of them as I need them.