WISH: Split Edge option for Extract Isocurve command

When doing extract isocurve, next step often requires split, or split edge to get the edge to use for sweep2.

Steps as below:

  1. Enter extract isocurve command
  2. Select surface and extract isocurve
  3. If the option is set to Yes(for the split edge) then, prompt for which edge to split is shown. (one side or both side)
  4. After edge is split retern to extracting isocurve.
    *If option set to No, same exctract isocurve as current tool.

I don’t understand that statement. I don’t often split after extracting isocurves,

There is splitedge command I don’t see why you want to bury that functionality inside the ExtractIsocurve command.

I’d like to have the splitedge as a flow from getting the isocurve extracted as doing a separate command of splitedge is a bit tedious. Getting the intersection of where to split by osnap is something I’d like to reduce as a step.

As for split… well I don’t use it as much as splitedge… so that I’ll take back.

After doing lots of sweeps for connecting multiblend area I see this to be helpful.
Not saying split edge should be inside and taken out as a command , but just to make better flow of the task…

Hi Toshiaki - so, if I understand… you want the ends of the extracted isocurve to split the edges where it intersects them… . correct? If so, would you want all intersected edges to be split? If not, do we not get into more clicks and UI complication than is maybe worth it?


I suppose splitting all edges would help.
(though I was thinking ability to select which sides was friendlier but this does add much complication…)

Where this wish comes from is the splitting edge to do a sweep2, networksrf, or patch, selecting the point to split and splitting is a bit tedious.
Sometimes need trial and error so need to repeat it couple of times often…

Merging edges is easy to do but splitting needs a bit more work.

Maybe if splitedge would pick out the “point of interest” to split maybe that might help too.
(there would be some problems how to handle end knots… but maybe just for intersection of edge with a
curve, or a point.)

Was thinking if as same as merge edges, list of points to split is shown as a list.(merge image attached)

Other might be way to add highlighting snapping points to end(for end of extracted isocurve) and quad… maybe…

I guess my wish is getting those points without having to zoom in and selecting the exact point with a mouse
and making it easier to choose the point.