Wish, snap to center in SubD

hi all,

Circles have Center snap, and I know that SubD objects are not really circles, yet squares and polygons also have center snap. I’d like to be able to snap to center here like I show by faking it with a circle curve:



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Sometimes I wish I could easily get the location of the gumball as something to snap to. I wonder if that would work for instances like what you are asking for here, and be useful in other situations too? I think that is the bounding-box volume centroid.

yeah that makes sense too. And it would be even more useful if the center of the gumball does not reset itself. Every. Single. Time. after you finish a move operation.


Isn’t there a gumball setting to turn off - ‘autoreset gumball’?

The Between and Vertex snaps, used together may help some. I can imagine a ‘center’ snap, if the relevant vertices could be identified, just like the ‘centerish’ cen snap that works like the one on an arbitrary closed polyline : Average the vertices. But identifying some, rather than all of the vertices might be a challenge.


having a snap type ‘face center’ would be really useful. But of course it needs to be its own type otherwise it would always get in the way.

Speaking of useful, right now having the edges of SubDs as a filter that’s not its now, but rather combined with Curves is not useful. Same for Points/Vertices. This gets in the way all the time for me.