Center of object snap? (solved)

how do you snap to the center of a box for example? Is it possible?

A couple of things you can do if it’s just an ordinary rectangular box:
Use the VolumeCentroid command to put a point at the center.
You can use the Between object snap (hold the Ctrl key and hover over the object snap control to see additional options), and then pick two diagonal corners.

Thanks Margaret,
I hope for the object snap to speed up this operation, because if you need to connect two boxes centers
with a line this snap would be the best and quickest solution.
By the way, why the Gumball object alignment command, aligns the Gumball to the side of a box and not
to the center? How can I change that? Thanks!

Hi violine,

Use the Center Osnap to snap to rectangle centers if this is a 2D box. The Gumball will align to the center if it is set to ‘align to Cplane’ or ‘align to World’. The ‘align to Object’ option is I believe aligning to the start point of the polyline.

With smart track, you can highlight two points that are diagonally oriented. Then if you have the mid snap on, the next highlight will appear in the center of the box

Thanks for all the suggestions, I’m sorry if I bother you every day, I’m looking for ways to speed up as much as possible all actions within the program and there’s always space for improvements. Smart track is the best option for center of the first box, but doesn’t seem to work for the second one. Maybe something could be done?
Thank you all!

Hi violine,

Ask as many questions as you like! Thanks for bringing up the issue of this mid snap technique not working twice in a row while drawing a curve. I’ll see if it can get tuned up.

VolumeCentroid and then Point Osnaps may be faster as a result as Margaret mentioned earlier.

Hi Brian,
yes, but is not always easy to remember commands to write, and new users give up quickly, without revealing the true potential of Rhino. Thanks for the efforts.

Hi violine,

I just learned something new about this between Osnap feature! If you hit the ctrl key twice when going to draw the second point of your line between box centers, the previous Osnaps will get cleared. This allows the next two corner points on the box that you highlight to be seen by the between/mid Osnap. You can also type ‘between’ and enter during the line drawing and you’ll be prompted for two points. Double tap on ctrl is more fun though.


Thank you Brian, osnap problem solved:)