Wish: Smarter alignment of dimension arrows

Is it possible to make the automatic alignment of the dimension arrows more consistent and to optionally follow a user-defined arrow spacing? In my opinion, the arrows should be always inside unless the distance between both of them is less than a custom percentage of the arrow length.

Example: Lets say that the arrow size is 0,5 (a normal arrow then becomes 5 mm long) and the user decides to set a custom spacing of 200%. This means that the arrows will remain inside until the distance between them get less than 10 mm (200% of 5 mm), which translates to 5 mm arrow + 5 mm arrow + 10 spacing = 20 mm total length of the dimension. In this case, the dimension arrows will be always inside when measuring objects from 20 mm to unlimited length, whereas anything less than 20 mm will force the arrows to flip to outside.
If the custom spacing is set to 100%, then the arrows will be flipped outside only for distances less than 15 mm (5 mm arrow + 5 mm arrow + 5 mm spacing). A 15 mm long dimension should have inside arrows, but a 14,999999 mm long dimension will have its arrows flipper to outside.

This is how it could be done by adding a tick with an optional setting called “Spacing”:

The current implementation flips the arrows in random distances that force me to fix them manually quite often:

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Also, make it possible to build a vertical dimension directly in the Perspective view. :slight_smile:

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yep :+1: :grinning:

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