Wish: Shade mode to include "DrawSubDWires" option

I just realized that using the Shade mode will not let me hide the wireframe of the SubD objects in the scene. Shade is a very useful mode for checking the geometry without any wireframe, so it would be nice to have an option to hide the SubD wires, too. :slight_smile:



Hi Bobi - The Shade command can use any display mode - I made myself a special one that includes the options I care about in the display mode settings. Does that help?


I’m aware of the “DisplayMode” option, but unfortunately it requires a preliminary change of the settings of the viewport mode to be used in Shade. For example, when I work in Shaded view or any other custom view mode, I want to press “Shade” to quickly check the geometry with the wires being hidden, and have a quick toggle for the wires to be shown with a single mouse click by pressing the “DrawWires=No” option. This is possible with the NURBS geometry and I find it very useful, however, the SubD wires remain visible. If I modify the Shaded view from the Rhino options and hide the SubD wires, obviously this will not let me see them during the normal modeling work.

I also have two custom display modes assigned to my mouse and with the Shade being active I can switch to these modes, too. Both of them will show the SubD wires all the time, so basically using Shade to see the geometry only will not me allow to do so with the SubD models in the scene.

I know that the Properties panel offers a toggle to hide the wires from the current view mode, but that requires many mouse clicks, takes a lot of time and also changes the settings of the corresponding view mode (something that I don’t want to forget to revert to its original state). It takes the following slow actions:

  1. Open the Properties panel first (hiding a large portion of the usable space of the screen);
  2. Then navigate through the Display tab;
  3. Then scroll down and spend time to find the “SubD Wires” toggle";
  4. And finally, click on the tick to remove it.

Well, I do not know if this will help then in the short term or not, but I made a display mode called ShadeCommandShaded and I use that in the Shade command, not normal Shaded. It shows not wires.


Align Panels vertical, two clicks and finito

This is what I already described as something unwanted that eats important space from the viewport. The “Shade” mode allows to hide the wires of NURBS geometry in a very convenient way with a single mouse click on the “Shade” icon AND it only has a temporary effect, which is yet another key advantage it has over any other method. Pressing the “Esc” key or the right mouse button turns off the “Shade” mode and the wires are visible again. No need to open and browse through the Display settings. Not to mention that the “SubD Wires” tick is slow to find along all other options there. :slight_smile:

On top of that, “Shade” allows the Layers panel to be used no matter of the viewport mode, and I can also show or hide objects in the scene while “Shade” is still active.

I’m aware that I can create another custom view mode, but it’s against what makes “Shade” so useful. :slight_smile:

But is a alternative (at the moment ) 19mm loss :slightly_smiling_face:


It still eats space, not to mention that you have to guess which tick to remove since you no longer see the description (finding the right option is still slow even with visible letters). :wink: Also, it takes unnecessary amount of time and mouse clicks. I have “Shade” assigned to one of the buttons on my 3d mouse and don’t even need to move my eyes away from the 3d models to activate it to check the geometry with hidden wires. :slight_smile:

Why? Once it is made, then you get whatever you want in Shade… (for me) that is exactly why I like Shade, I can quickly toggle a mode which is not useful for modeling but very useful for assessing the shape.
At any rate, I guess the thing to fix is that DrawWires in Shade should just be updated to include SubDs - I will get that on the pile.


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As I mentioned in a previous comment, while in a “Shade” mode I can switch to a couple other custom modes that I use for modeling and assigned to buttons on my mouse. They both have the wires visible, but in “Shade” their NURBS wires get hidden. This is why it’s so much important to be able to hide the SubD wires in “Shade”, too. It’s the ability to compare NURBS and SubD geometry together, with the same settings like hidden wires. Currently, “Shade” will hide the wires of NURBS objects but not the wires on the SubD objects. It would be more natural to treat both geometry types the same way. :slight_smile:

Is it also possible to add a “DrawPoints=Yes/No” option to the Shade mode? I often use Shade mode but it’s kind of annoying that the points are always visible despite that every other object type could be set hidden by user’s preference. :slight_smile:

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