Display options for selected meshes

Hi guys,

If a mesh is selected I see the entire mesh. Also the inside and backside wires. Is there an option in Rhino that only shows the mesh wires which are visible towards the camera?
I need that to better check the quality of the tesselated NURBS surfaces.


Hi Norbert,

Go to ShadedView and check the box for mesh wires in the settings:

Hi Jordy,

thank you for the answer.
Maybe I have explained my question not clearly.

I have the mesh box. And if I select the mesh I see all wires (Front and Backside) like shown below

I am looking for an option to just see the frontside wires if the mesh is select.
I belive in other programs its called backface culling or so…

is there such an option in Rhino?

I don’t think it is possible in Rhino now but agree that would be a handy setting.

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Hi Norbert,

you might use “Shade-highlight selected” in the display options, you can control this for meshes and nurbs.

This will cull the hidden mesh wires or isopharms, only downside is that it now uses the selection color as shaded color.


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hi Clement,

the way is not 100% what I looked for but does the job!

Thank you!

Hi Norbert- in the display mode options, set ‘Shade highlight selected meshes’.

Does that work better for what you need? Hm- I guess not- no wires at all.



Hi Pascal,

the ‘Shade highlight selected meshes’ option helps to check the quality of existing meshes in shaded mode.
But it would be very helpfull if a hide backface setting would be also available during mesh previewing in the meshing dialogue.

The screenshot below shows my dilemmar when I press preview.

Best Regards,