How to scale1D to specific length

Noob question here. Lets say I have a line with the length of a random value and I scale1D it wanting to add 0.5 meters to its existing length. Is there a way to just add 0.5 meters to it?
I’m asking this because normally I would have to measure the line first with something like “Distance” and then add the 0.5 meters to the total length, but it would be to much quicker if I could just type in the 0.5 in a way that it would add 0.5 meters instead of making the total length 0.5.

Hi @dsqrtz,

If we are just talking lines here, then you can use the Extend command to add an incremental distance of, say, 0.5m to a line.

If we are talking 2D or 3D geometry and the scale direction is parallel to one of the XYZ axes, then you can use the Boxedit panel and type +0.5 at the end of the relevant length and hit return.

Otherwise, you are doing it how it has to be done.


you can also select the end of a curve in that case the end point if its a line and use the gumball to juggle + 0.5 meters. in case of a solid i usually turn the solid points on and move it further.

but if you have an irregular shape which you just want to stretch, you can use scale1d but in that case have use the between snaps and double the amount in that case 1 meter, keep orthos constrained and you end up at plus 0.5

edit: forgot to mention the between method also works with just moving points of course.

Thank you for the solution. I was primarily going to use this on 3D geometries. I tried the Boxedit window and it works as intended. So I will probably use that going forward.
I will keep the thread open, in case more interesting options get posted.
An idea would be that after you put in “Scale1D” and define the target geometry and direction, you could write something like “+2” to extend by 2 units.

I should have added the caveat that this only works for decimal units; at present it does not work for feet and inches.

That seems like a good enhancement.

If you want to request more new features it helps to highlight them by starting your post titles with "Wish: " and/or tagging them with “Serengeti” (posts relating to the next generation of Rhino).

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It’s easier than that.

  1. Draw a line at some unknown length at any angle.
  2. Start Scale1D
  3. Select the line as the object to scale and press Enter to finish selecting
  4. Use an Endpoint osnap to select one end of the line as the Base point.
  5. Select the other end of the line as the reference point.
  6. When prompted for the second reference point, type the length you want the line to be.
  7. Enter

Check the length of the line.

Hi @John_Brock, I think the OP was aware of that, but they don’t want to specify the length

they want to specify the extension