Wish scale silhouettes for measure toolbar

Another wish doubt it will be taken but here goes anyways.
In almost all files I place an old poser model of a human man in Vitruvian pose. I find it’s really needed and has helped me countless times designing, because one the hardest things is to get a sense of the proper scale. This doesn’t matter if you have measured plans but if you’re creating things from photos or imagination scale becomes important. Worse thing is to spend tons of time modeling a part to find it’s out of scale.

In speedtree I see they have taken my idea and have a silhouette of a man in the viewport when you model or scale things.

It would be helpful in the measure commands to have a few of these silhouettes like male, female, child, and the hands of male, female, child, and or animated sprites that can grasp parts like knobs or such things to help with the scaling of modeling.

Hi Roland -

Have you tried @lando.schumpich’s ScaleOverlay plug-in?


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Hi @wim,
Thanks for your help and for pointing out this plugin, It’s not quite what I am asking for though I have to check it out more, if you check the video I posted about speed tree you can see the way they are using scale silhouettes with images of a human. I do it by bringing in a 3dmodel, thus my wish.
Still pretty cool plugin thanks for the heads up.