Create New Layer in Layer States functionality missing

It’s been so long since I’ve used Rhino 5 that I’ve either inadvertently modified my setup or something has changed over time without my knowing.
I’ve deleted many layers and corresponding layer states; have added new layers and now need to add new corresponding layer states but there is no “add new” layer functionality apparent in the layer states manager.
How can I get the add new layer state button back? Thanks!


Hello- as far as I recall there has never been any provision to add a new layer from the layer state manager. It does not make much sense, to me.


Hello, Pascal. That explains why I cannot see it.
As I recall, I had to do something non-intuitive to add a layer state. I loaded up Visual Tips for Rhino 5 and viewed Sergio stating that we had the option to add; “create” was the word he used, a new layer state.
Thanks. I’ll try to figure it out.

My apologies, Pascal.
I should have written: there is no “add new” layer state functionality apparent in the layer states manager.
The cause for my question is having gone back to view Visual Tips for Rhino 5, Sergio’s tutorial on Layer States clearly shows the functionality I thought was missing.
I’ll try to remember how I added dozens of layer states in the past.

My mistake, Pascal. What I viewed in Visual Tips was Sergio in the Layers tab, not the Layers State tab. As the tutorial progressed, I see that he had the Layers showing what he wanted to show in a Layer State then switching to the Layers State Manager to save that particular Layer State.
I got it figured out. All I needed to do was show the layers then right-click in the Layers State panel and choose Save, then name the Layer State.

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