Wish: Right Mouse Button Context Menu - on release only

that frequently gets in my way, when i rotate the viewport very subtle it activates the context menu. while one can set the timing for this to happen it does not solve the problem entirely.

much better would be if the context menu would appear on release and not on click. i think that would also render the need for a time out obsolete, or am i missing something…?

@stevebaer @dan any thoughts?

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I cannot reproduce this in 7.12.21313.06342 on macOS Monterey with out-of-the-box user preferences and an Apple MagicMouse. I tried with an Logitech mouse as well - one with a proper scroll-wheel and actual buttons, but I get the same expected behavior.

Please let us know what specific mouse, settings - both Rhino and System Preferences - you are using to get this buggy behavior. If we can reproduce it, we might be able to fix it.

hi dan, thanks for ckecking, it is not a bug per se, rather an inconvenience when scrolling very slow or scrolling after a brief moment of waiting for the viewport to react on a heavy loaded model, then the context menu activates and gets in the way