Rhino8 for Mac - right mouse button

When in Rhino7, my right mouse button launches a menu with a whole bunch of options. How do I make this happen in v8? Only a small menu pops up in v8 with very few options. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Try holding the right-mouse button a little longer.
Then does the context menu come up?
A quick right click repeats the last command.
A more deliberate click activates the Context menu.

I did that but still only shows a small menu compared to v7. Image shows v7 and v8 menus.

I think the working display modes will be added to the Context menu in SR5.
You can grab it in Rhino 8 > Settings > General.
Change update frequency to Service Release Candidate and then click Check now.

I see there are other items on the development list to be added to the Mac context menu later on.
I don’t think is is currently possible to make the new V8 context menu with the quick repeat, look just like the V7 menu.

Great. I’ll look out for the next service release. Thank you.