Calling anyone that uses Rhino and Inventor


How have you adapted as its so totally different, even basic mouse usage.

I am taking some steps into Inventor (also a NURBS prog and I am told its on a higher level when it comes to curves maths, does metal forming …hooray… better for assembling parts, some clients expect it/use it. Everything though has links to everything, Parametric so absolutely everything it seems has to be constrained with dimensions and constraint icons applied, cant just draw like we do, ‘hulls’ (spline control lines) can be curved, and have values entered for them which is useful.
No osnaps, no constraining keys like tab to ignore all else when moving across a busy space, but constraint icons to apply to lines etc. Missing the ctrl osnaps and osnaps and command line entry and options that roll out. No commandHelp videos.

However and most troubling so far, the basics functions of zooming panning rotating are totally different to Rhino and this is a real pain.
Suggestion I alter rhino to meet Inventor inputs. do away with rmb to rotate etc.

rmb rotates in rhino, in Inventor it reveals menus with mouse moving allowing selection of such.
No ability to alter settings in Inventor, i.e another mouse button to do this, its hard coded.

Rotate is hold scroll wheel down, but scroll wheel also is zoom so one ends up zooming a bit, and scroll wheel has a more powerful spring so ot so pleasant all day to use and can rotate and thus zoom whilst doing this ! Else use F4 key held down. and rotation is 15 times slower… 30mm of mouse movement versus 2mm rhino same amount.

Zoom is scroll wheel but its wild, two clicks and its done what 6 in rhino does, altering mouse in registry is one fix but that messes up a perfectly good scroll in rhino and other programs.

Pan is shift and scroll wheel held down, or F2 held down.

No ability to set Inventor to Rhinos functions.

Then no command line entries, its all icons, many branches on the tree for one part, each command run sees a new branch form.
Not aware yet of any ability to import, scale, make translucent etc raster images, no 4 view windows.