Newbie scrolling issue

Hi, I really am a complete beginner and I’m going through some tutorials on linked in learning and I’m having scrolling issues. I have probably changed some setting and I don’t know how to fix it.

I have Rhino 6 and I’m using a three button mouse and use the wheel to scroll. I can scroll ok in orthogonal views but in perspective view as I scroll in close, the scroll just seems to slow down and then stop, no matter how far I turn the wheel.

Help! and thanks.

In perspective instead of zooming you should dolly. I believe that is + wheelscroll on the Mac.+RMB drag.

thanks but the same thing seems to happen

Sorry, I misremembered. Now on my Macbook Pro with trackpad it is +double-finger-press-drag. I believe that means with the mouse +right-mouse-button-drag. The cursor should change from arrow to looking glass with ± in it.

Thank you! I tried a few things and option + right mouse button seems to work.

zoom + Enter + S + Enter
That should reset it and start going more fluid. Also, that usually happens to me in rendered view, if I use shaded is a better flow too.