Wish: Render transparent background options

Hi, when I render and want a transparent background the Raytraced view shows a black background. It would be great if this color could be chosen or even a two toned gray checker texture (kind of a standard for showing transparency)

Reason: The background affects how we read the lighting in the scene so having something that resembles what we will composite the final image onto would be great. For web it would be best with a white background, for dark scenes a dark background etc.

And for rendered view it is white, at least on my machine.

Example on how background affects the impression of the lighting.

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RH-64699 Possibility to set background color even when using transparent background option.

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Thanks Nathan.
Can you add an option to set number of cycles for rendering too?
Now we have only 15, 50, 500 and 1500 trough the draft, good, final settings.

A great feature is that transparency is kept even if a render is stopped. BUT it would be great if this was kept in the copy-to-clipboard too.


I think you can set the number of cycles in the Rhino Render Advanced Settings section of Render Options.

Thanks, but the setting there is samples and not cycles as far as I understand it.

It is for Cycles. Check the box Override document settings to ensure the given sample count is used.

Oh, OK. It didn’t change when I changed between the different qualities.

The render settings dialog could maybe benefit from a UI over haul so you don’t need to explain this obvious stuff?

IMO all you need for quality is the number of cycles to use.
And then have draft->production buttons that just affects this one setting to different presets.

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