How to change background color in render window?

I am rendering something black with transparent background. In the render window, however, I don’t see that thing because the background is black as well.

If you just use the Rhino render (Render Command) you can change the background @ the Environments:


are the options that you can choose from.


It’s set to solid white:

With the transparent option selected, that does not influence the background in the render window. So I get black on black, which is useless:

Well maybe thats because Rhino doesnt know how to show it. Save your img as an png and it will be transparant :wink:

Exactly, that’s what the transparent option is for.

However, I need the image to be clearly visible in the render window, in order to be able to play with post effects, in this case DOF blur.

Maybe use a white background temporarely and then when your settings are good change it too transparant?

Setting the background temporarily to white is what I did. However, that slows down workflow quite a bit: It requires memorizing or saving post effect settings, and rendering times double.

I filed this as to make it easier with dark materials and previewing post effects in the future, thanks for the report.

Thanks, Brian!

Hi @BrianJ,

i think it should show a checkerboard instead of black color by default. While the alpha cannel is selected from the toolbar above the preview area, b&w would be preferred.


That’s what I suggested in the bug report too… I’ll add the bit about showing this for alpha channel view as well.

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