Wish: Remove missing texture from material automatically

Hi @pascal,
can you forward this wish?

It would be great to have an option to remove the missing texture from the related materials as an option (waste bin icon?) here:

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Yes, +1, this would be very helpful.

Hi Jorgen - RenderReportMissingImageFiles should help. I think this will change to RenderReportImageFiles in 7.4 so that it can be used to bulk reassign textures as well.

Does this look right?


That looks good. Is it in V7? If so I’ll try it out.
Is that the default when importing files as well?
(I can test it out tomorrow)

Hi Jorgen - that is in V7 now as RenderReportMissingImageFiles. In the next SR it is essentially duplicated as RenderReportImageFiles - so as to more obviously apply to images in general not just missing ones, to allow re-pathing to a different folder for example.