Wish: rebuild cage


Sometimes when I created a cage with _CageEdit, I start with few control points, but then after morphing my captive object a little bit, I realize that I want to tweak some details as well. Generally the quantity and degree of control points I set when I created the cage is not right for those details, so I need to create a new cage.

Instead, it would be super convenient to be able to rebuild a cage, the same way we rebuild curves and surfaces, with a dialog to tell how many control points and what degree for X Y and Z.

Or maybe it’s possible already, but I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything about this, which surprises me to be honest.

Hi Felix - you cannot rebuild but in V8/WIP you can ChangeDegree - not the same thing but it can get you more points to work with.



This reminds me, I often wish there was a Flow command between cages with history.