Cages and cageedit

How does one create cages with a specific point layout (say evenly an spaced grid)? I can do this by creating a default cage with Cage and then moving rows of control points (before associating an object with it via CageEdit), but this is a) time consuming, and b) the parametrization is wrong afterward and the cage does not act uniformly on the object as an unaltered cage would…

Thanks, --Mitch

Many different types of objects can be used as cages for CageEdit. No need to create it using the Cage command. Create and edit the object which will be used as the cage using the usual Rhino commands, including Rebuild, etc. Then start CageEdit and select the created object as the cage.

Is your question more specific?

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Yes, I know that you can use other objects, but it’s still impossible with rebuild to get a specific grid distribution of control points on a surface. And when you move the surface points around, you still change the surface parametrization, so the result is more or less the same as editing a cage.



I have the same dificulty
Have you been able to resolve this issue?

No, I’m not sure this is resolvable…