Wish / question Drag UVN shortcut

Is there a hotkey to click while dragging a control point to snap to a DragUVN mode (drag along control polygon, or whatever is selected as an option) or move while maintaining curvature?
If there isn’t, it would be nice to move CVs on the fly without going through the dragUVN slider window.

Hello - Maybe… the DragMode command lets you switch modes - Mikko set it up so that any drag mode invoked twice in a row will actually toggle back to default (CPlane) mode, so that an alias like

_DragMode _ControlPolygon

on one alias can be used to toggle back and forth. In ControlPolygon mode , Ctrl key down forces normal move. You may also want to use DragStrength in combination with this,


Ah yes!
forgot about that command.
That should do everything I’d want.

Thank you Pascal.